All pricing below is for professional printing on customer supplied items.
For any color ink other than black, add 15%.
Minimum order is $75.

Personalized Samples $20.00 each set of 3
Personalized Samples are perfect when you cannot decide between our calligraphy styles and would like to see how they would look on YOUR envelopes. Choose 3 different calligraphy styles and or colors, provide us an address and send us your envelopes. For color matching, please include one of your invitations so that we can determine the color. Elite Calligraphy will design and mail them to you within 7 business days. We ask that you send us 5 envelopes for every 3 personalized samples and include a self addressed and stamped envelope.
Envelope Addressing
Envelope Addressing for Wedding Invitations, Announcements, Save-the-Dates, Bridal and Baby Showers, Holiday Cards, Rehearsal Dinners, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Birth Announcements, Graduation, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Christenings, First Communions, Thank You and Informal Notes, Corporate Event Invitations and Announcements, Unique Marketing and Promotional Projects
Outer Envelopes
Design Group One $1.25
Design Group Two $1.45
Design Group Three $1.65
Inner Envelopes $.65
Return Address (all same address on flap) $ .35 (plus $20 set up fee)
RSVP Envelopes (all same address on front) $ .55 (plus $20 set up fee)
Thank You or Informal Note Envelopes
Pre addressing your Thank You or Informal Notes will save you time
Addressed at the same time as your Invitation envelopes and the same list $ .95 each.
Addressed at a different time or from a different list will follow the same pricing as Outer Envelopes (see above)
Escort Cards, Place Cards (cards are required blank, no printing)
Escort Cards are used to guide your guests to their table; guests choose where to sit at the table.
Place Cards are used to guide your guests to their pre-assigned seat at their table.
Single side  $ .95 each
Two side printing $1.45 each
Menus are used at each place setting and may be personalized with each guests’ name.
Layout design fee $65.00
Calligraphy $1.30 each
Personalized with Guests names $1.80 each
Table Numbers or Names
Table Numbers or Names are used at each table to guide your guest to their table.
Layout design fee  $25.00
One side printing $1.75 each
 Two side printing $2.95 each
Data Requirements:
In the event that your guest-list is hand-written, you may mail it to us for data entry. It must be legible. We will e-mail you a copy to approve. You may keep it on file for future use. If you have your list in an Excel spread sheet, please convert to Word Document. If you would like us to do it for you, please see pricing below
Excel conversion to Word $15.00 flat fee
Data entry for addresses $ .55 each
Data entry for inner envelopes $ .35 each
Data entry for place cards $ .35 each
Basic Invitation Assembly $ . 55 per invitation set
Basic Invitation Assembly includes following formal etiquette standards, arrangement of contents, stamping of RSVP and outer envelopes, stuffing and sealing envelopes. Folding of any pieces, application of adhesives and attachment of embellishments are extra. Please email us for a personalized estimate.
Mailing Service
Elite Calligraphy will take your assembled and stamped items to the Lexington, MA Post Office and personally HAND CANCEL each and every item. Your items will be postmarked from the historic town of Lexington, Massachusetts. The birthplace of American Liberty! Please note that once your items are hand canceled and handed over to the Lexington, MA post office our responsibility ends there. Elite Calligraphy cannot be held responsible as to how and when your items arrive.
Hand canceling $.25 per envelope
Minimum $25.00
All shipping charges to and from Elite Calligraphy are the clients responsibility. They are based on weight, destination and shipping method. Elite Calligraphy uses UPS, FedEx and USPS to ship your packages. They all provide tracking information which we email you. Please contact us before shipping any items to us. All items shipped to Elite Calligraphy must be insured and we must have your tracking number.
Elite Calligraphy will require a 50% deposit before starting any project.
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